TV presenter elevating her brand

By Rosalia David

WITH the need to elevate her brand to a whole new level, television personality and entrepreneur Robyn Nakaambo recently launched her website which she described as an important milestone.

During the launch, Nakaambo explained how she has always wanted to have her own website to narrate her own story and for her businesses.

“I am versatile in the different stuff I do. I wanted to create a platform where I can package everything and create a platform where I can then sell my brand in Namibia and beyond,” she said.

She further expressed how important branding is for her saying that she usually takes it step by step when working on her brand.

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The website has features such as ‘portfolio, projects, awards, fitness, look book, brand ambassador, Superlative hair boutique, videos’ and many others.

“I have a platform now where people can go and see what I have to offer at my boutique and the page for the shop is one of my favourites,” she said.

Although the website is now up and running, Nakaambo explained the work behind putting it all together.

“I have been asking about the prices and it was quite an expensive project and I was like I can’t afford this, so I was having a conversation with a colleague one day in my office and she mentioned that she does web design as a side hustle, so when I told her how much people were charging me, she was like ‘I can do it for this price’ and I took the offer immediately.” 

She added that she had to do a bit of international research to get the look and feel she wanted.

“My benchmark to create this was not local but international.

We need to start thinking out of the box and start looking at beyond the Robyn of Namibia,” Nakaambo added.

She also emphasised the importance of building a brand that can be easily recognised on an international level.

She said it takes many years to build a brand yet it only takes a split second to break it.

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“Branding to me is everything.

When it comes to my reputation I take it whole heartedly because it took years to build it and just like that, everything can go down.”