TV show for music lovers

By Rosalia David

FOR the love of music, Roger Gowaseb has created a music TV show named ‘Nam Request’, which currently plays on One Africa TV, a platform for fans to request music videos of their choice.

In an interview with Confidente, Gowaseb expressed gratitude 1towards the show finally airing on local television saying that it was not an easy ride to get his vision realised.

“The idea was founded in 2018, but then we lost all the files of the footage and after that we didn’t have funds for transport and all those expenses to shoot … we only decided to reshoot during Covid-19 last year,” he said.

He added the team members had to use their own money to make sure that the cast had enough for food and transport while the presenter of the show, Paula Christoph, is currently working on a voluntarily basis.

“Thank God for Paula who accepted the offer of being the presenter of the show for free. With all her experience we really wanted to work with her because she has been long in the industry and knows the music scene like the back of her hand,” said Gowaseb.

He explained that One Africa just made things easier for him and his team by buying ‘Namibia Request’ although they still get to narrate the entire vision of the show themselves.

“We are now shooting season two.

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The first season has already started airing on TV and we are quite excited to finally see our work on screens after we went through so many challenges.

Gowaseb went on to say that although the show is currently airing on TV, there is a need for corporate companies to start sponsoring shows, like his, that create employment for the youth.

Nam Request airs every Sunday at 20h00 where the presenter goes out to the streets to get viewers to request for their favourite song or music video to be played during the show.

“We got the idea from radio as people can request their songs on there and we realised we could do the same although for us it is through requesting for visuals.”

Gowaseb further said that he plans to expand in future and reach out to other towns as well to give them an opportunity to also request their songs and familiarise themselves with Namibian music.

“We would also like to travel to other towns as well, get in the streets and interact with people and just bring back that ‘Namflava’ we had in the past, when we celebrated our own.

” He however added that such a plan could only be achieved if they secure sponsorship.

Gowaseb also expressed gratitude towards TV guru Bolly Motseng who he said assisted him bringing his dream to life.