TV wedding show creator accused of theft

By Rosalia David

FOLLOWING last week’s interview with Julia ‘Bosslady’ Kadhikwa who is launching a wedding TV reality show, owner of ‘Wendy Creations’ Windeline Kausiona has come out claiming that the Olive Entertainment owner stole her concept.
Last week Kadhikwa announced that her show, ‘My Dream Wedding’ would air on local television this year.
However, in the wake of the announcement Kausiona, popularly known as Wendy, has threatened to sue Kadhikwa for copyright infringement if she continues with the show and fails to present copyright documents.
Kausiona said she has spoken about hosting the television wedding show in Kadhikwa’s presence at three different occasions.
“I spoke about the show during the time we were shooting the music video for Sally and Leathermein. As a matter of fact, she (Kadhikwa) used that exact video’s footage to solicit support from various stakeholders as she does not have any wedding related visuals. That alone is illegal and she did not ask my permission,” Kausiona said.
She went on to say that she has been working towards the reality show for 10 years now and with the music video, she planned, styled, directed and choreographed the entire videos scenes, using her own intellect.

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“She (Kadhikwa) was present when I was sharing the wedding reality show idea at the video shoot. I have the copyright protected script that you can get from me and compare,” she said.
Kausiona added that she has the copyright to use the Wedding Reality Show to showcase Namibia’s vast cultural wedding rituals and practices.
Stressing further over the wedding TV reality show, Kausiona said she and her team did thorough research and travelled the world to compare notes and draft the entire reality show series adding that it was not fair for someone to ‘snatch’ it.
“She (Kadhikwa) must answer the questions with her original work please that’s all. I have my facts straight and have clear recollection of time and company for all three occasions I spoke about my show in her presence. The concept is similar to mine,” she stressed.
Responding to allegations of ‘stealing’ Kausiona’s concept, Kadhikwa hit back saying she had not stolen anything.
“How can you stop innovations? I understand the industry is very competitive and well everyone has a right to think, but my question to her is: Is she the only one with a mind that think? How witless could she be to even come up with such allegations, if she has a similar concept congratulations to her there’s enough room for everyone upstairs,” she said.
Kadhikwa went on to urge Kausiona to take the necessary action if she is confident about the allegations made.
“She can announce her show in peace without having to use me as bait for clout chasing rather than running to the media, that is pure clout chasing. There are so many shows in South Africa, America and Europe that are basically almost similar to one another. Does she want to say that she is the only one supposed to cover weddings in Namibia or the only one with a brain that can think?
“So The Search copied Idols? Or NAMAs copied SAMAs? Before she points fingers, I saw her concept after the allegations and I must confidently say that she stole David Tutera’s idea, an American wedding show of a wedding planner…
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maybe our idea of airing weddings is similar but the concept is totally different,” she responded.
According to Kadhikwa, her team is already busy with the production phase of the first episode and the content will be out next month.

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Further stressing about Kausiona’s comment, she said, “She must follow the right procedures and we take it from there and see if I stole her idea! I have met Wendy for the very first time last year in May during Leathermein’s music video shoot and it was the first time we spoke. Again just because I was the first to take action with my idea and went public doesn’t mean there is also no one else thinking of a similar concept as me!”