Twenty African artists to battle for top honours

By Confidente Reporter

THE Africa Music Challenge ASVG team held its virtual zoom event over the weekend and selected the top 20 musicians that will be competing against each other to make it to the top five.
During the top 20 unveiling, Nigeria and Botswana both had six artists each making the cut followed by Zambia with two, Sierra Leone, Eswatini, South Africa, Cameroon, Namibia and South Sudan.
Although not all the names of the artists competing against each other could be mentioned, the event director of media and communications Ntebogang Sebetlela mentioned songstress Blossom as the Namibian artist selected for the competition
For artists to have made it to the top 20, their songs had to be in adherence to the 2021 theme which is ‘Celebrating Africa’s culture, its people, food, music and everything that makes Africa unique’.
Speaking at the unveiling, ASVGCEO and founder of the competition Leslie Koroma said,” The initiative is intended to provide opportunities for artists from all 55 African countries as they lock horns in head to head for supremacy”.
He further highlighted that the top five artists will be unveiled on May 8.
“The five will then perform virtually during ASVG’s second edition of the Africa Day celebrations on
May 25, thereafter the winner will be announced.
The competition ran from February 15 till March 31 and it had handed over 400 submissions from artists around the African continent.
According to Koroma, the team is already planning the second edition of the show for the year 2022 saying that planning in advance results to events being successful.
He added that the second edition promises nothing but a bigger and better event.
“The second edition of the competition for 2022 and its format was announced and it promises to be the most exciting and innovative music competition yet that will pit country against country to determine the best musicians on the African continent,” he said.
He emphasised that the platform is not only a competition but a strategy to connect artists from different African countries to promote their cultures and unite as well.
“More details of the format and dates for the 2022 edition will be on the event website in the coming weeks as well as detail on how to register for it.”