Two Rhinos found dead and dehorned

• By Vitalio Angula

A carcass of a white bull rhino was discovered on the October 20 at a private farm in the Windhoek district.

It is believed the rhino was poached between the October 16 and.

According to a police report, investigations were carried out at the scene of the crime to which, “bullet fragments from the animal indicate the animal was killed for its horn,” the police report reads.

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In a similar report a case of hunting of specially protected game has been opened at the Seeis police station in the Windhoek district.

‘Between October 21 and 24, suspects ‘unlawfully and intentionally hunted the’ white rhinos by means of shooting and removed the horns’, the police report states.

According to the police report the Rhino is valued at N$ 660 000.

Namibia is home to about 1237 white rhino.

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The country has the second largest population of white rhinos after South Africa.