Two teams batteling it out for points

HOLLYWOOD FC is leading the Moses Garoeb Football League with 38 points from 16 matches played so far, despite losing 3-2 to Tol FC on June 9 at the Moses Garoeb Primary School Field.

Ombili FC is in second place with 36 points from 16 matches, followed by third-place team Okakongo FC with 31 points from 17 games, Eleven Brothers in fourth place with 29 points from 17 games, and Vetkop in fifth position with 27 points from 17 matches.

The winner of the Moses Garoes Football League will compete in a promotional and relegation play-off against teams from surrounding areas of Windhoek, notably from Otjomuise, Goreangab, Havana, Kilimanjaro, and Katutura, for a place in the Khomas Second Division League, which is a member of the Namibia Football Association (NFA).

Currently, the Moses Garoeb Football League does not have a sponsor or an adequate playing field, so it uses the stony gravel playing field at the Moses Garoeb Primary School.

The Moses Garoeb Football League is one of many third-division leagues in the country. It is the fourth-tier men’s football league behind the Premiership, First Division, and Second Division.

On Saturday, June 08, all the matches produced goals, with the lowest-scoring match being the one between AJ Styles and Vetkop, which was won by Vetkop 1-0 courtesy of Lukas Kassie.

In other games, Tambula FC lost 1-2 to Eleven Bullets, Okakongo drew 2-2 against Afrocat Lions, Ozombuka beat Common Sense 3-2, Eleven Brothers 5-2 winners over Balance FC and Eleven Brothers 5-1 Q7.

On Sunday, June 10, only the match between Mountainous and Ombili produced one goal, and it went to Mountainous. Eleven Brothers beat Ozombuka 3-1, Afrocat Lions beat Vetkop 6-4, Common Sense beat AJ Styles 2-1, and Okakongo 7-2 Balance.

Following their win, Afrocat is now in sixth place with 26 points, Mountainous has 25 points in seventh place, AJ Styles has 24 points in eighth place, Q7 is ninth with 24 points, Tambula has 19 points in 10th position, Ozombuka is in 12th place with 18 points, and Common Sense has 16 points.

In the relegation, Eleven Bullets had 15 points in 14th place, 11 Shooters had 12 points in 15th position, and the bottom club Desert Lions had seven points in 16th place.