UDF new leader rejects offer to recall Dudu, Auchab as MP’s

• By Kaipaherue Kandjii

The newly-elected UDF president has refused to recall veteran lawmakers Dudu Murorua and Apius Auchab
from the National Assembly.

Hendrick Gaobaeb said Auchab and Murorua will serve until the end of their terms in March next year.

Gaobaeb, a councillor before his election, says he is not power-hungry and does not intend to grab positions from anyone.
Instead, he intends to use his time to engage the layman on issues facing them to adequately gain first-hand knowledge and, by
so doing, adopt strategies to improve their welfare once in power.In an interview with Confidente, the politician conceded that a
few forces within the UDF approached him to recall Murorua and Auchab, which he rejected, saying it was unfair and undemocratic.

The envisaged Electoral Congresses in the opposition and ruling Swapo Party appear to be ruffling feathers between the old and
new leaders as tensions and egos rear their ugly heads.

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