UDF to hold elective youth conference

• By Martha Nangombe

THE United Democratic Front Youth League (UDFYL) will hold its third conference on July 8 in Okahandja as part of efforts to build a stronger, lively, and prosperous party.

The conference will elect a regional executive committee for the Otjozondjupa Region, which will oversee the youth league’s regional activities.

In an interview with Confidente, Reinhold Goseb, UDFYL Acting Regional Representative, stressed the importance of involving youth in decision-making and how the party aspires to create a completely liberated Namibia, a country that can respond to the needs of its residents.

“Our slogan states that ‘Tomorrow Begins Now‘ and is clear that it is time for the youth to take over leadership roles and become acquainted with skills that will propel our party to greater heights. We are in an evolutionary stage in which we are preparing to campaign for the interests of all Namibians through our party manifesto for democratic participation in elections and economic emancipation.

“The UDFYL is hard at work revitalising regional leadership structures, and this is the third regional conference. It is a constitutional requirement that must be met before the planned Youth League Congress takes place. The second reason is that only a fundamentally strong organisation can be a formidable political formation. Having regional structures simplifies intra-party governance because the chain of command ensures that tasks are handled more quickly because power is not centralised solely with the national executive,” Goseb explained.

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