Ultimate Safaris staff reap rewards through tribe trust dividends

Ten trustees of the Ultimate Safaris Tribe Trust recently received shares worth nearly N$140 000, which is approximately an entire month’s salary.
In 2022, the shareholders of Ultimate Safaris decided to reward long-serving employees by gifting 2,255 shares to the newly formed Ultimate Safaris Tribe Trust. This initiative aimed to provide these dedicated staff members with ownership in the company.

Among the beneficiaries were Alfons Kaura, Francis Vries, and Adelina Mulongo. These shares are now valued at over N$ 4 million.
The shares were allocated to the trust at no cost, and beneficiaries received dividends in their first year of membership and the annual bonuses paid to all staff in 2023.

Alfons Kaura, who rose from a sales admin support position to Sales Manager and now serves as the Chairperson of the Tribe Trust, remarked, “This reconfirmed that hard work, dedication, and loyalty pays off in the end.”

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