Unoccupied houses vandalism concerns urban development ministry

By Confidente Reporter

Urban development ministry executive director Daniel Nghidinua says the ministry is deeply concerned that unknown individuals have vandalised some houses and flats built under the Mass Housing Development Programme at Otjomuise Extension 10 in Windhoek.

Nghidinua pointed out that the unoccupied houses have not been handed over to the government and, are still in the contractor’s custody, and have broken window glass due to acts of vandalism.

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“Contractually, the site and houses are still in the custody of the contractor, and as such, the contractor is responsible for the security of the site and houses in their custody,” he said.

According to the Executive Director, the contractor erected a razor wire fence around the site, but this has not prevented unknown people from causing damage to some of the houses.

“Such acts are not only criminal but are harmful to efforts towards completing houses and making them fit for occupation by needy Namibians for whom the houses are meant.

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Such acts deserve condemnation by all progressive Namibians and should not be used to justify the illegal occupation,” he said.

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