Up close and personal with author Mekondjo

CN: Kindly give us a brief background on what your books are all about and the inspiration behind them?
NM: I published my first book (How I’m lying to myself ) in 2019, a book that goes in depth revealing who we are, where we came from, why we are here on earth and where we are going after life on earth? It is a book that addresses lies that we sometimes entertain ourselves with, we live in lies and die with lies.
It’s imperative that we understand our true identity, that we were created in God’s image, to have the mind of God and not to behave like animals. We need also to understand why we are here on earth. Because many of us have missed it or have ignored the truth, we have chosen our own things to believe, unaware that at the end all that matters will be this question between you and God Almighty. Hence, the book is titled: How I’m Lying to Myself.
On my wedding day in December 2020, I launched my second book (It’s Not a Problem, It’s a Pregnancy). It’s a motivational book, to encourage people who are going through some difficult times that they perceive as a permanent tattoo or end of life for them, just to encourage them to hold on, because some situations we go through are signs of invisible pregnancy that will birth something precious in the future. I don’t know exactly what everybody is going through, but I just want to let them know that “God is in control”. There’s hope that nothing you’re going through will be wasted.
The inspiration in writing came after I gave my life to Jesus Christ in October 2007 and that is when I knew that God Almighty was preparing me for something unique.
I saw the word of God (His promises) coming live in my life just as it’s written in the Bible and that inspired me to follow keenly with a zeal to learn more. Not to say I didn’t get inspired by humanity, but the relationship with God has made a great impact in shaping and transforming my life to be what it is today. I cannot imagine anything on this earth that could have changed my life to be what it is today if it wasn’t the word of God.
Ultimately that was what sparked inspiration in me, “a revelation to write books as these”. I couldn’t afford to keep it (God’s revelation) to myself, for it was meant for God’s people.
See, the world is sick and the medicine is the word of God, Jesus Christ is the hearer. God has entrusted individuals with this vaccination and medicine (the word of God) to roll it out to the world. Hence, I am trying from my side to reach out in different platforms and deliver this precious word because it’s essential grace that we can’t live without. That’s the driving force behind it.

CN: How has the experience been writing both books?
NM: I know people say that only smart people can write books, but it’s not always spiritual. A slower learner and uneducated person like myself is doing it now. Spiritual books take prayers, it takes fasting, it takes studying the word of God and keeping a right heart with God, just to get the mind of God. And ultimately for the book to be conduit for God to remove some stronghold of darkness in people’s lives.
As I have been writing I have always asked God’s grace to go before me and direct my steps in writing, and not just for me alone, but also people who will edit, people who will do proofreading, people who will translate, people who will publish, people who will design. I cannot do it on my own wisdom or strength, I need God to help me for this work to be in fruition.

CN: How long did it take you to write the first book?
NM: It took me nine years to write my first book.

CN: What were some of the challenges you experienced as an author in Namibia?
NM: Discouragement. I got discouraged in different ways to turn off the engine of vision that I have seen how discouragement has murdered many visions in life more than anything else.

CN: Where can people purchase the books and how many pages does each book consist of?
NM: Currently, we live by phone calls (081 8 500 600), and we courier countrywide on request. We have books available in Windhoek and Outapi, you just have to contact us that number, we will surely make a way for you. In Oranjemund, we have our books available in Spar. So grateful for the opportunity that the management of Spar Oranjemund gave us.
All of my books have less than 100 pages

CN: How would say were they have been received so far?
NM: I am amazed at how the books have been received so far, specifically the second book. I have received calls and text messages from people who finished our book within one day, and now demanding for the next one.