Uranium One questions Dr. Miller’s criticism of proposed In-Situ Recovery mining method

ByConfidente Reporter

URANIUM One has called into question retired geologist Dr Roy Miller’s conclusion that their proposed In-Situ Recovery mining process will pollute underground water in the Omaheke region.

Dr Miller recently presented his findings to a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources and Economics and the Stampriet Aquifer Uranium Association at Leonardville, in the Omaheke region.

Responding to Dr. Miller’s findings, Uranium One said his presentation contained several misleading statements. 

“It should be noted that Dr Miller is a respected geologist but not an expert in In-Situ Recovery mining, nor an expert of radionuclides in water. The first false statement is that the communities in Stampriet are unhappy.

This is a blanket statement as many community members are positive towards the mine and welcome the prosperity and other benefits that such a mining endeavour will bring to the communities in the area.

“It is again misleading to refer to the Stampriet Water Basin as the Stampriet Aquifer.

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The Stampriet Water Basin consists of five main Aquifers: the Kalahari, Auob3, Auob 2, Auob 1 and Nossob.  When referring to the Stampriet Aquifer, it gives the impression that it is one aquifer only, which is not true. The uranium ore body that Uranium One has discovered is in the Auob3 aquifer,” the company said in a statement.

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Again, Uranium One pointed out that Dr.

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Miller’s statement that all the water of the Stampriet Water Basin is top-quality water is misleading. 

“This statement is not only false but is dangerous, as it creates in people’s minds the perception that there is no danger in the water. The uranium deposits in the sandstone in the aquifer led to natural contamination because of decay.

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Uranium One has done preliminary water analysis studies, and the results have shown that there are instances where the water extracted contains radionuclides from the Auob3 aquifer that are way above World Health Organisation standards.

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