Uranium One to construct school soup kitchen in Leonardville


MINING corporation Uranium One plans to build a cutting-edge soup kitchen at the Naosanabis Primary School in Leonardville.

With an investment of N$1.8 million, the project aims to deliver nutritious meals to about 615 students.

The soup kitchen, which is planned to open in September, will address safety concerns of the school’s present cooking methods while also dramatically improving the learners’ lives.

This was disclosed at the official opening of Uranium One’s office in Leonardville.

Lotus Construction has been tasked with building the soup kitchen, which in phase one, will employ up to 30 people, 24 of whom are Leonardville residents.

“The initiative was prompted by the fact that, although we are already giving food to learners, food is being prepared on large open fire, which is not safe for the learners,” said Riaan van Rooyen, Uranium One’s communications specialist.

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