USAID grants N$19 million to Namibian Hydrogen Fund

By Martha Nangombe

THE United States government has announced a sizeable contribution of N$19 million (US$1 million) to Namibia Hydrogen Fund Managers (Pty) Limited as part of the USAID Mobilising Investment project, a key step towards furthering sustainable energy efforts.

This cash will boost the N billion (US.

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15 billion) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Namibia One Fund.

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The SDG Namibia One Fund, launched at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP-27 in November 2022, is Namibia’s specialised green hydrogen financing vehicle and the designated funding partner for Namibia’s green hydrogen activities.

The fund will oversee infrastructure projects for the production, transportation, transmission, storage, and utilisation of green hydrogen and its derivatives, resulting in a cleaner energy grid, job creation, lower emissions, and long-term economic growth in Namibia.

U.S. Ambassador Randy Berry praised Namibia’s proactive approach to the global green hydrogen race, emphasising Namibia’s understanding of hydrogen’s potential to foster a low-carbon industry.

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