Usakos in need of development and investment

• By Wilfred Weise

The mayor of Usakos, Wilfried Weise, extends invitations to local and international companies to invest and set up businesses in Usakos. Business development and investment will create jobs, boost economic growth, and secure the social upliftment of the community, as well as enhance the wellbeing of our people in Usakos.

Usakos is a town on the edge of the Namib, on the banks of the Khan River. It is strategically located on the famous business route, B2 (Trans-Kalahari Highway), linking Walvisbay with the rest of Southern Africa. Usakos has sufficient land, water, and sand available, making it ideal for companies to develop and grow its business operations from here. Available land for business development is estimated between 8,000 and 10,000 hectares. Usakos population is also growing and the current population figure is close to 9,000 inhabitants.

Mining activities in the locality of Usakos are on the rise and a large solar plant project has just been launched, 45 Km outside Usakos. There is also a notable increase in potential business clients who seek to negotiate land for business development in and around Usakos. Some are viable with regard to job creation, while others are not. Any business development should be geared towards job creation, mainly for the town’s people. Usakos has been bleeding economically for over 50 years, going back to the early 70’s when Rossing Uranium was not accommodated, the closure of the Railway activities in Usakos, and the collapse of the Karakul farming industry. The tables should be turned now, and development and industries should be sought out and embraced to uplift our beautiful town and our economy. Over 3,000 passenger cars and trucks are passing through Usakos daily and the focus should be to attract these travelers to stop and do business in Usakos.

Housing demands have grown dramatically and Usakos is ready to construct at least 500 new houses through private initiatives and the National Housing Enterprise Company. As said before we have enough land, sand, and water available to accomodate big development projects such as these in Usakos. Usakos is also frost and rust free and offers the opportunity for major logistic purposes. Our climate is also favorable for charcoal plants and processing amongst other.

For the short to medium term, Usakos needs a commercial bank to sustain business development. We also need more supermarkets, clothing and shoe outlets, a bricklaying factory, hardware and industrial enterprises, to mention a few.

For the community a MSME park, sports facilities as well as a vocational training center is a must. Here we have to rely on Government funding and/or other foreign international organisations. Usakos has over a hundred disabled residents of whom most can still create something by hand and if accommodated in a MSME park, they can earn an income and be motivated to reach their maximum level of achievement and independence. The aim of a vocational training center is to accommodate and equip our youth and unemployed residents with the required technical skills and know how, to go out and engage the industrial challenges. Sports facilities are very important for the youth for physical as well as mental development, teaching kids discipline, leadership, and teamwork, which are essential for future success.

The information shared here should be an eye opener to any entrepreneur to assess the current business climate and possibilities in Usakos. “The early bird will definitely catch the worm” and bear the fruit of success! I encourage any business developer to assess the 4 P’s ( people, place, product, price) in their business strategy and analysis. Please take advantage of this opportunity and come and invest in Usakos.

Thanking you in advance