Venaani talks about economic growth, food security

By Allexer Namundjembo

Popular Democratic Movement’s Presidential Candidate, McHenry Venaani, has said that his government will focus more on economic growth, job creation, and food security.

Venaani, who is set to be endorsed as party leader for the third time without being challenged at the PDM’s much anticipated Congress scheduled to take place this year, said that if he wins this year’s presidential elections, his government will mainly strive to transform the economy, improve Food security, create jobs, provide the best health services, and deliver the best quality education.

“My presidential ambitions are to transform this country to become a country that addresses jobs, food insecurity, promote agriculture and education and health,’’ he said. Venaani added that his administration will not focus on destructive projects that will cost the government millions of dollars and yield no good results.

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