Video review: Brandewyn, another summer jam

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN Annual Music awards (NAMAs) artist of the decade Lazarus Shiimi also known as Gazza continues on his stellar rise to the top with the release of his latest single, ‘Brandewyn,’ a type of strong liquor distilled from wine.

With the new release that is almost hard to ignore wherever you go, the award winning Kwaito musician continues to prove exactly why he is the king.

Every scene in ‘Brandewyn’ is vivid and visually pleasing, from when he parks his car to greet all his friends and supporters to when he starts singing.

Not only are the visuals pleasing to watch, the choreography in the video is simple and easy to learn.

The other great thing about Gazza’s videos is the recurring cast of characters, his friends and dancers.

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They always look like they are having fun that it is impossible for one not to smile and feel like they are a part of whatever is going on.

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  ‘Brandewyn’ is no different.

After witnessing all the hype around the song, Confidente had to have a chat with Gazza to get a glimpse of what the song is all about.

He said ‘Brandewyn’ is a dedication song to the Baster community for supporting his music since the beginning.

“The song was inspired by my ‘omkalo’ friends. They made me taste the brandewyn … and for always supporting my music, they have really been part of my journey,” he said.

The song was produced by award winning producer Sam E lee Jones, extra bass added by DJ Shoza while the music video was shot by Imagination Studio.

Just a few weeks ago, Gazza featured Lize Ehlers on another banger titled ‘Happy’ while last year during the same time, he released another summer jam titled ‘Pretty’ which had stunning visuals from Dubai.

Two years ago he dropped ‘Chelete’ which went viral and reached more than one million views on YouTube.