Vilho chides traitorous, divisive opposition

By Hilary Mare

DEFENCE and Veteran Affairs minister, Peter Vilho has castigated opposition parties which have turned into catalysts of social chaos and are propelling ideas that are dividing the Namibian people in desperate need of votes.

Addressing  Swapo rallies in Luderitz and at Komsberg Farm over the past weekend, Vilho highlighted that the opposition is now characterised by two groupings consisting of turncoats that betrayed the Swapo party and  traitors of yesteryear who are trying to put on a new coat.

“Together, the two groups have one thing in common.

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They are all calling for regime change because they want to reverse the gains of our independence and advance the neo-colonial agenda of removing all liberation movements from power in Southern Africa. This is because these movements are denying their masters the opportunity to come back freely and plunder our resources,” he said.

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“Those are our icons. Who are the icons of the opposition?

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” questioned Vilho adding that ‘the truth is we can never go back to building Bantustans’.

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