Visible Talent offering N$50 000 in cash

By Confidente Reporter

THE biggest talent search competition, Visible Talent Namibia, has officially kicked off and the winner can expect to walk away with a massive N$50,000 in cash.

The competition, the brainchild of veteran musician Tate Buti, offers an opportunity for talented individuals to showcase their skills and most importantly give them a platform to present their talents.

Accompanying Tate Buti on the road, will be superstar Top Cheri and one-third of the PDK, Dion. They will be travelling all 14 regions in search of Namibia’s hidden gems.

“Not a lot of us get such platforms to see ourselves on television and in newspapers. The show will allow both young and old a bigger opportunity to be known for their talents, not only in their towns, but countrywide,” Top Cheri said.
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She added that talent is something that can come from anyone.

“We therefore did not want to place a certain age restriction, because we wanted anyone who’s creative to come and showcase their talent,” she said.

The contest is open to those aged from two years (escorted by a guardian) up until the age of 80 years.

With N$90,000 in total up for grabs, of which N$50 000 will go to the winner, N$30,000 to the runner-up and N$10,000 for the third spot, it surely does make for a competition that anybody can win.

When asked what the judges are looking for, Top Cheri said anyone who wows her will go through to the next round. “I am looking for something that is not basic.

We are looking for unique talent, not just singing and dancing, I am talking about people who have extremely unique talents, such as walking on ropes, jumping in styles, amazing drawings, fast eating, playing an instrument and much more,” she said.

Tate Buti, who also spoke at the official launch, said the contest aims to encourage people to embrace their talents and show Namibians that they can actually make a living from it.

“It is true that you can become a star by using your God-given talent. Some people might not be good at certain things, but I know they are good at using their talents.
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A lot of children don’t even finish school. There is nothing they are looking forward to, but one of the things they have is their talent. They must just learn how to use it right,” he said.

Visible Talent launched the competition on 9 July in Katima Mulilo. It will run until 14 September.