Vocalist Dion takes on a different path

By Rosalia David

VOCALIST Dion Auala from the popular group, PDK, is ready to take the film industry by storm with plans in the pipeline to produce and direct four local films.

In an exclusive interview with Confidente, Dion expressed his love for directing saying that he fell in love with the art after directing the short film ‘Captain Kalola’ and now plans to unleash more talent throughout the creative industry.

“In the next timeframe, I have four film projects lined up.

Starting with a film titled ‘Five Days,’ a crime drama about a young mother organising a robbery to save her child.”

Another film that he mentioned is ‘Akazulu land of the dead,’ which will be a horror film that tells a story of a group of students who went deep in the North for their final year project, just to find themselves in a situation they cannot explain.

Meanwhile, ‘Motherland’ will be a war and drama film which portrays the life of a village teenager and her friends trying to escape from apartheid in Namibia with the aim of joining the liberation struggle in Angola.

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“The film One Together, is a comedy sitcom that will be dealing with daily events in Windhoek’s informal settlements.

I am going to try and make these contents available for the entire nation to watch,” Dion explained.

He went on to say that, apart from the upcoming film projects lined up, he will also be working on corporate projects while trying to complete the scripts and hunting for funding at the same time.

“I honestly feel like any company can always endorse these films, however, I am ready to work with the available resources if I don’t get funds because I believe that if you don’t start, nobody will notice.”

To date, Dion has professionally directed an educational film for the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the smash hit single by PDK ‘Saka’ and recently released ‘Hello’ by Mr Glo.

Dion said his love for directing drew inspiration from life experiences, popular culture, historical events and sometimes from his own imagination.

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“I wanted to be a sound guy only, but six years ago after graduating in Sound Engineering, I found myself directing a film (Captain Kalola) and fell in love with the craft that I had to go to university to become a qualified director in both industrial and social,” he said.