Voice Perfect back bigger, better

By Rosalia David

THE online singing competition, Voice Perfect Namibia, has put out a call out for aspiring musicians to register and participate in its season two.

According to the founder Laurentius Haindaka, the online competition was initiated to create links between musically talented individuals with recording labels and producers, and so far they have already received more than 200 entries.
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Haindaka added that since putting out a call a few weeks ago, the interest has been huge and more entries are still coming in.

“We are looking for more people compared to season one hence why we believe this season will be much greater than the first one as now we know what we are doing and learned from our first season. We are looking for more people, can’t say how many precisely but we are looking forward to something bigger and we wouldn’t want to limit people.”

He said, after completing the voting process and the necessary procedures, the show might be kicking off in July although a specific date still needs to be agreed upon.

“We can’t say the exact date yet as we are somehow being disturbed by the pandemic. At some point but we will be communicating our dates as soon as we have concluded. The good thing about this is that it is an online platform,” Haindaka further added.
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Asked on the impact the first season made on the winner, Haindaka said Voice Perfect Namibia Season one winner, Paul Shipanga is hard at work preparing music for his debut album.

He added that, “They are currently busy working on his EP which is going to put him out there as an artist. So the impact is still ongoing and it will become greater with time.”

Shipanga also received a cash prize of N$10 000 as part of his winnings.

He explained that to ensure that season two of the competition is greater than the first one, they had contracted new local judges and an international judge for the show.

“We can’t reveal the names of the judges yet but do stay tuned. I am just so proud of the team. They have been really doing a great job and I still can’t believe we are headed to season two because this journey is not easy. We have been limping for quite some time now and we are still limping but I’m looking forward to the day when we begin walking tall,” Haindaka said.

Voice Perfect Namibia an online-based singing competition, is geared towards assisting young vocally talented individuals to make it big in the industry targeting to reach at least 400 000 people locally and internationally.

The competition takes place on social media with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as the main media platforms for the show’s communication and content sharing.