Voice Perfect focuses on GBV

By Rosalia David

VOICE Perfect Namibia, an online-based singing competition, dedicated its Episode Five which is the semi final to Gender Based Violence where contestants were tasked to come up with their own lyrics about social issues.

The first episode of the competition was launched in June where more than 30 contestants took part but this time around, only 15 singers made it to the last round of the show.
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In an interview with Confidente, Voice Perfect Namibia founder Laurentius Haindaka said the team is now gearing up for its finale with the semi final episode being all about combating GBV in the country.

“With everything that has been happening … women being killed every day, we had asked the contestants to come up with lyrics that talk about violence with instruments provided already,” he said.

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He added that the organising team is proud to see the artistic demonstration of talent through the artists and their sense of creativity as almost half of the contestants worked hard to protest against GBV.

Some of the contestants who featured in Episode Five were Gun Jade who sang a song titled ‘Lonely,’ JR, Alex, Fadzee and Uejaa.

“I would like everyone to watch the show and witness how they continued spreading the message of peace and fight against GBV, committed mostly towards women and children.”

The first auditions for the competition were held from May to June. Episode Two was the ‘Local Smash’ round where contestants had to sing local songs.
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Episode Three was the Rap Rendition round, where contestants had to cover a rap song while singing it instead of rapping, and only 30 contestants made it through to the next round (Top 30).

In Episode Four contestants battled in-house against each other.

Haindaka further said, the competition’s aim remains the same, which is to reach out to more than 400 000 viewers locally and beyond Namibian borders – to vocally assist talented individuals to smoothly begin their musical careers.

Although the date of the finale could not be confirmed yet, Haindaka said the winner will walk away with a cash price of N$10 000, a music video shoot, photo-shoot and a marketing and distribution deal.

“We thought of 12 December but it is not finalised yet, however, we are looking forward to the last episode.

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These are 15 talented singers that would be competing against each other. Those that will not win will also be assisted on their projects, we wouldn’t just let them go like that,” he said.