Voice Perfect returns with Season 2

• By Rosalia David

THE online singing competition Voice Perfect Namibia has returned with a new twist led by popular radio personality Paul da Prince.

The show released its first episode of Season 2 this week which was received well by viewers who shared videos of contestants on social media.

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In an interview with Confidente this week, Voice Perfect Namibia founder Laurentius Haindaka said although the first episode is eventually out, there had been a delay due to a few challenges they endured.

“At first the whole team was skeptical and afraid that the public and contestants won’t be hyped up as they were before due to the delay but to our surprise they are actually very happy about it and some that left came back to the show. I think the public still appreciates the show even with its ups and downs,” he said.

Initially, Season 2 of the show was supposed to be launched last year.

Asked on what is new this season, Haindaka said the graphics and templates have been improved.
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“Our graphics guy Romeo Urikera dedicated his skills to improving the display and graphics quality of the show and video editor Justice Gomwe and Caitlin Classen they really out did themselves as they magnificently improved their delivery and made it for TV standard, if you watched VPN 2020 you’ll notice this contrast,” he noted.

Despite the slight delay, Haindaka said the entries for this year’s competition were more than 300.

“The journey is challenging, tough, and a pain in the pocket but at the end of the day when you know what your goal is and what you want to achieve for the nation, none of that matters. We’ll keep pushing this show until it becomes a national treasure. We are not going to let it sink.
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But most importantly it’s the experience; it’s really amazing and we are learning a lot in the process,” he further explained.

This year, the winner will walk away with a cash prize of N$20 000, a recording deal with Zunde Records, a promotion deal with Viralcom, a tour with Nakazaza Tours and Safaris, a marketing deal with Chilled Investments, and a song with one of the judges.

Last year, upcoming singer William Shipanga scooped the first prize of N$10 000.

Voice Perfect Namibia is an online-based singing competition geared towards assisting young vocally talented individuals to make it big in the industry while targeting to reach at least 400 000 people locally and internationally.

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