Vuuyo predicts end of world

By Rosalia David

GOSPEL musician Vuuyo Johnson has released a new music video titled ‘Ezuvha’ which supposedly describes the mayhem that will be on earth when ‘Jesus eventually comes down’.

Speaking to Confidente on his new release, Vuuyo said ‘Ezuvha’ in Rukwangali means ‘the day that will come’ a song which strongly aims at spreading the word of God.

“In this song, I am just saying that there will come a day when Jesus is going to come and no one will expect it. No one will be prepared. Some will be happy while some will not because they will be looking for the word of God then and won’t be able find it,” he said.

The Walvis Bay-based musician further urged Namibians to study the Bible and learn the word of God to know exactly his expectations so that no one is caught by surprise when the day of his arrival eventually approaches.

The music video was shot by Eric Mule and has ‘inspired many Namibians to become true believers and followers of the word of God’.

According to Vuuyo, the song was received well getting positive feedback from both his fans and music lovers.

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“Many people from different ethnics groups are now eager to find out the meaning of Ezuvha. Now that the song is finally out after marketing the trailer for weeks, I have people reaching out trying to find out the meaning of the title because they are impressed with the visuals.

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I love making people happy.”

Although his latest music video was well received, Vuuyo said there is no stopping at this point as he plans to release his gospel album titled ‘Avingila’ in October.

“My upcoming album is also done.
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We were supposed to have it out in April with a massive gospel show with an international guest from South Africa but it could not happen because of Corona,” he said.

Although the gospel show has been called off for this year, he revealed that it could still happen during Easter weekend next year with South African gospel star Sechaba still headlining the concert themed ‘Restore Africa’.

Vuuyo said that the new album consists of 13 tracks and features only female musicians such as songstress Tequila and Linda.

“The title (Avingila) is inspired by my experience … something that happened to me some time back.
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I was driving and I suddenly lost control of the car but all of sudden I managed to balance it again. Avingila means protected in my language,” he explained.