Waka Kids Choice Awards set for December

By Confidente Reporter

THE first edition of the Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards which gives young people the opportunity to be part of constructing a new narrative for the country and actively participate in a better understanding of socio-economic issues is set to take place on December 12 at the National Theatre of Namibia.

The awards will consist of 22 different categories where each winner will walk away with N$1 000 plus a custom made trophy, while second place and third place in each category will also receive prizes said awards project manager Kudzai Sibanda in an interview with Confidente.

The Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards were borne out of a TV kiddies’ show, Waka Waka Moo which focuses on early childhood and was founded by Namibian model and entrepreneur, Luis Munana.

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“Our brand Waka Waka Moo is mostly focused on kids, that is our primary focus, because we feel that kids are often left out so we needed a platform that celebrates kids and also celebrates the people that influence kids. We wanted to celebrate individuals, organisations and industries that are helping groom the Namibian child.

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“The awards are broken down into two segments, one where the kids will select the top performers of their choice and the other where kids will reward fellow kids, teachers and schools. Nomination and selection will be based on strict scientific criteria,” said Sibanda.

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Sibanda foresees the awards as a stepping stone in early child development for kids in order for the little ones to become responsible at an early age within their communities.

“We are shaping young minds here and that’s a process we are willing to see through. The competitive edge of this encourages the Namibian child to rise up and start getting involved in social issues in their communities.

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These awards aim to prepare the Namibian child for leadership roles at a very young age, and when the time comes for them to take over leadership in their community, industry or in government they would have been adequately empowered with the necessary social and life skills that are highly desired in those leadership positions. Since the awards are for every Namibia child, we will be looking at hosting future awards in other towns as well,” said Sibanda.

The awards were launched on August 12 and deadline for entries is

September 30.  Youngsters will have to nominate each other on www.wakawakamoo.com.