Waka releases ‘Penduka wuka Jaive’

• By Rosalia David

MUSICIAN Waka Josef has released another single titled ‘Penduka Wu Ka Jaive’ featuring Kwaito artist Exit and China Man.

Eight months ago, the artist released a single titled ‘Look at me now’ from his long anticipated upcoming album.

In an interview with Confidente this week, Waka expressed enthusiasm towards the reception of the latest single saying that the music video reached more than 10k views in just one day.

“According to the 10k views in only a day on YouTube, I can proudly say it has been well received! We truly appreciate our supporters, although our karate in the video wasn’t exactly on point, lol,” he said.

The Single was produced by S-Two, Mixed and mastered by Andrew on the Beat and the Music Video was shot by Racio Media.

According to Waka ‘Penduka wuka Jaive’ loosely translates to ‘Wake up and hustle’.

He said the inspiration came from the idea of achieving one’s goals while urging the youth to not limit themselves.


“They should wake up, use their God given talents and hustle to make a life for themselves,” Waka added.

On how the idea of the song came about, Waka said he had the beat for about three months before recording, giving it great thought on how he wanted it executed.

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“I knew who I wanted to feature (Exit and China Man). It was just a matter of time. Unbelievably, it took only a day to produce it! Been an absolute pleasure working with them and looking forward to working with them again in the near future,” he added.

Shedding more light on the upcoming album ‘No Pressure’ Waka said, although the project is almost completed he is taking time to perfect it before officially releasing.

‘No pressure’ will be launched end of August.

“This is my second single from my upcoming album. The album title, ‘No Pressure’ was inspired by my very calm and collected demeanour.

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I make music at my own time and pace as long as I ensure quality and great hits. I’m in no pressure to compete with anyone. Each to their own kind of vibe,” the artist further said.

Now that the song is out Waka said music fans can expect more fireworks and enjoyable jams that are relatable on a day-to-day basis saying that they deserve good music.