Walvis woman recounts panga attack

By Eliaser Ndeyanale

IT was around midnight on Wednesday when Jacobina Ekandjo (41), who was sleeping in a room near her workplace close to the sprawling Dunes Mall in Walvis Bay awoke to the loud voices of strangers next-door angrily demanding that cellphones and money should be handed to them.

When she heard the noise, she woke and sat in bed at first, but then fell asleep again. Later, she wanted to go outside to observe what was going on because the noise was disturbing her. Little did she know that armed thugs were attacking her work colleagues, mostly Chinese nationals.

Thirteen hours after the fateful attack, Ekandjo spoke of the harrowing incident, which she witnessed through the window. “When I heard them demanding money and cellphones I immediately hid my two smartphones, except for the small phone…

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“I wanted to go outside so that I could call some of our colleagues. When I woke up, one of them (robbers) was at my door checking inside my room. When he saw me he moved a little bit, presumably to call his friends who were upstairs [to say] that there is someone downstairs.

“They came to my room. They hit me with a panga on my head, saying I should give them money. I have a cut on my head. They hit me again on my cheek close to my eye. They hit me again on my arm while grabbing me by my arm, saying that I should go to my colleagues upstairs to get them money.

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“Before they took me upstairs they took one of my phones that I hid but they didn’t find the second one. They started kicking and slapping me until we went upstairs. They started strangling me, saying I should tell them where the laptops and money were.

“When I got in the room where the Chinese nationals were, they were covered in blood because they had been badly cut with a panga on their heads and backs.

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They were also beaten up and tied up. They also tied my left arm to another Chinese national, while my legs were also tied with an electric wire. They covered my face with a cloth.”

The traumatized worker, who was still in shock when she spoke to Confidente, said when the suspects were done with them, they proceeded to a third room where one of her colleagues was still sleeping. They broke the door with the panga and took cellphones, laptops and money estimated at N$40 000.

She said she was thankful though that none of them were killed. All the victims were reported to be receiving medical attention at Walvis Bay State Hospital on Wednesday.

Erongo regional crime coordinator deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu said they would compile a “comprehensive report” of the incident when he gets back to the office, as he had been in court the whole morning, but had not yet made it available at the time of going to print.