Waters targets international market

By Rosalia David

DESPITE the obvious, this year has also been the start of many artists’ good fortunes, and Harry Tjipeja who goes by the stage name of ‘Waters’ is among the lucky ones.

The young sensational R&B singer from Windhoek is working towards releasing his first EP which he described as an international sound, which will push the genre that has been relegated to the side-lines, to new heights.

In an interview with Confidente, Tjipeja said his EP is long overdue as he has only decided to debut his musical career this year after many years of featuring other musicians.

“I have finally decided to release my first EP. I have worked with a couple of artists such as KP Illest, Lioness and Skrypt but this year, I will now be having something that I have worked on alone. It was just financing which was the main challenge,” he said.

With Covid-19 being the only thing that people talk about these days, he said his album will be a product which people can listen to and escape from ‘all the trauma’.

Asked on how many tracks the EP is going to consist of, he said, he is looking at having seven but the number might change as he continues to arrange the songs that will be on the project.

However, he mentioned that the EP will be titled ‘Grey’ because according to him ‘music is neutral as the colour grey’.

The Grey EP will be released in July though no specific date was given.

Apart from Grey symbolising neutrality, it also signals a new chapter in Tjipeja’s musical journey, which will now see the release of a new body of work.

The second-year College of The Arts media student further described his upcoming EP as unique saying that the more people listen to his music the more they will start appreciating R&B music, which Namibians hardly listen to.

“This is different compared to the music we hear every day. We don’t have a lot of R&B singers and I think it’s high time we embrace the few singers we have,” he said.