Waters to headline Shining Star Awards

By Martha Nangombe

Namibian singer-songwriter Harry Mutambo Junior Tjipueja has been nominated for two awards at the Shining Star Awards, where he will also perform as a headliner.

Recognized for his exceptional artistry, Waters’s music video “Slo-Mo” has earned him a nomination for Best Video of the Year. In contrast, his overall contributions to music have secured him a spot in the Best International Man of the Year category.

The Shining Star Awards are a beacon of recognition for music, film, and entertainment excellence. For Waters, these nominations are a personal triumph and a testament to Namibia’s rising presence on the international art scene.

Following a successful 2023 for Namibian artists where, rapper Lioness and media presenter Helvi Hishekwa won accolades, putting Namibia on the map and showcasing the nation’s burgeoning talent pool.

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