WB We Care Trust donates to MoHSS

THE Woermann Brock (WB) We Care Trust has donated foodstuff worth N 000 as well as clothing to the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS).

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Making the donation, Rebecca Woermann, a trustee of the Trust said that it was a privilege to be able to assist and hopes that other companies will also realise how some Namibians are struggling to get food on the table.

Michael Shilongo, Chief Administrative Officer at MoHSS received the donation.

WB We Care Trust was founded in 2005 by WB CEO, Jesko Woermann to ensure that money made available for corporate responsibility projects is actually spent properly.

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Although the focus of the Trust is primarily on orphans and children affected by HIV/Aids, the trustees felt that an effort should be made to assist those who were hit the hardest by the effects of the virus.

“The WB We Care Trust invites organisations who assist orphans and those affected by HIV/Aids to apply for assistance and benefit like numerous others who get monthly contributions.

Fennie Mwetudhana, administrator of the trust, can be contacted in this regard. More information on the WB We Care Trust can be found on the website of the WB Supermarkets Group at www.woermannbrock.com,” extended Woermann.