We are broke- Jericho

By Rosalia David

AWARD-WINNING rapper Jericho Gawanab has expressed disdain at the current situation saying that the pandemic has brought the entertainment industry to its knees as the work of artists is now at a standstill.

“People will never want to admit what they are going through now because as a public figure you always need to look like you are keeping it together but honestly, we are broke because there are no shows. It is only people like Gazza and The Dogg that are probably making money through investments they made with the money they got from SWAPO.”

He further stressed the music has always been his only income and that his upcoming album has been delayed because of the pandemic as he has to travel to Windhoek from his base of Arandis, to complete the remaining tracks on the project.

The musician has since moved back to the family home to make ends meet.

Jericho revealed that he is currently gearing up for his sixth album titled ‘The Recovery’ in which he pours his heart out about his past experience of being a drug and alcohol addict.

“The album is inspired by my rehabilitation journey.

Just being away from the drugs and stepping into music again to fix all the loopholes,” he said.

The Recovery consists of 14 tracks and features a variety of musicians such as Sunny Boy, PDK, Bradley Antony, Tboz and Staika, Dixon, Kaptein Tswazi among others.

Asked on why he decided to feature musicians who sing different genres compared to his, Jericho said his aim was to fuse rap music together with other genres.

“I have seen that it works perfectly well through my previous album and that is why I have all those talented musicians with a different taste on my album,” he said.

The album was also produced by variety of producers such as Elvo, Mr Glo, Smartboy, Kanibal, Damara Dik Ding and Edison.

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“I want to bring out the best product for my fans.”

Apart from the upcoming album, Jericho revealed that he will also be dropping a gospel project at the same time which he will be giving away for free.

The gospel album is titled ‘God’s son’.

On a side note Jericho explained that favouritism and music tribalism in the entertainment industry will continue to take the local industry down.

“How is it that I have been around for some time now but only certain people are included on the biggest event line ups? They continue to keep us in the dark. Even radio stations, they play only certain music of people they favour.
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We can only get to where we want to be if things change”.