We need to backour cricketers ahead of 2020 World Cup

GOVERNMENT, in particular the Ministry of Sport, has kept mum on the achievement of the country’s  men  senior cricket team that just qualified to  their first ever T20 Cricket World Cup that will take place in Australia next year.

I am so disappointed that the line ministry did not even bother to help Cricket Namibia with its parade in the streets of Katutura or help the team parade its achievement in other parts of the country as a way of creating awareness of the sport that was seen or is still (wrongly) seen as a sport mainly for white folks.

Cricket Namibia deserves full recognition for their break through achievement, just as football and rugby teams whenever they qualify for major tournaments, such as the Africa Cup of Nations, Africa Nations Championship (CHAN) or when the senior rugby team qualified for the Rugby World Cup.

Cricket Namibia deserves mileage not only from the media but from government, specifically the Sport Ministry that was supposed to be at the forefront of organising a parade.

In the informal settlements – not only in Windhoek but also in other parts of the country – I bet that many people are not aware that our cricket team is going to the Cricket World Cup, to the extent that they only seem to know of football, rugby and netball for that matter.

Government needs to call in Cricket Namibia, including the players, to give them a token of appreciation for their efforts to qualify to such a major tournament, which also marks the first time that Namibia with its small population will be rubbing shoulders with some of the powerhouses in world cricket.

The corporate world needs also to come on board and help out with the marketing strategy by congratulating the team.Or are they perhaps not aware of the achievement? Or are they just hiding as if they are not aware of the challenge facing Namibia’s cricketers?

Credit needs to be given where due and we as a nation need to stand up and rally behind the sport, irrespective of the fact that not as many Namibians are fans of cricket, but that should not be an excuse.

We have a player like Pikky ya France, a black player in the team who has opened up doors for black players who are still reluctant to come out and show their talent due to the stigma attached to the sportby those who do not understand that every sport is for everyone.

Government should fund the Eagles with enough money for their preparations the same as it did for the Brave Warriors when they qualified for the AFCON tournament in Egypt few months ago, and for the Welwitschias ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup that was held in England a weeks back.

Sport unites people and cricket could set the bar by uniting people irrespective of colour, religion, political beliefs and differences or gender.

Finally, I just want to tell all cricket players out there that it is never too late to achieve your dreams, however, as you will probably know,success comes with hard work, dedication and discipline.