Welwitchia health training centre


WELWITCHIA Health Training Centre (WHTC) is a registered private higher education institution in Namibia with a special focus on Health, Social and Management Sciences. The institution opened its doors to its first students in September 2013 and continues to complement government’s efforts to address skills shortages both in Namibia and beyond.

WHTC was founded by professional women with a keen interest in empowering previously disadvantaged communities and is managed by a team of experts and academics accountable to the Governing Board.

WHTC and its Bachelor of Nursing Science Degree programme continues to be accredited and recognized in Namibia by the Health Professions Governing Board, Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) and the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

The involvement of staff in the institute

The institution is managed by an independent Governing Board led by a local physician (Internal Medicine) and educationist, Dr. Ismael Katjitae. The management and staff complement the institution’s vision while delivering world class instruction to all its students. Staff members are committed to the values and ethos of the nursing profession, among other disciplines offered.

The number of students at WHTC

WHTC witnessed its first graduation in 2016 with a total of 106 students consisting of both graduates from the September 2013 and March 2014 intakes.

New plans and projects

WHTC started with one campus in Windhoek, which is accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) with registration number R0015, the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) with registration number 000056 and the Health Professions Council of Namibia (HPCNA) with registration number 21362 to offer fully accredited qualifications in Namibia. Further, WHTC has standing agreements with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, among other registered training hospitals, to offer practicum to its students at all accredited teaching hospitals and clinics in Namibia. WHTC has five campuses across Namibia with the headquarters in Windhoek and campuses located in Kombat Town, Walvis Bay and Nkurenkuru, respectively.

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WHTC intends to open an Agricultural School in Rundu and Grootfontein in 2020 while it extends its health offering in Outapi and other parts in the northern areas.

The role the programs play in developing students.

• To provide professional education in health sciences and social development, economics and management sciences;

• To significantly contribute towards the reduction in the shortage of health practitioners in Namibia;

• To facilitate socio-economic development, educational and personal growth within the Namibian Framework of Vision 2030, NDP4 and Population Policy.

• All the students are required to register with the Health Professionals Council of Namibia as student nurses. This registration together with the enrolment in the nursing programme gives them the right to attend lectures and clinical placement of the Centre.

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Attendance of lectures must be rated at 80 – 100% and for clinical placement is 100% at all times. This attendance enables them to register with the HPCNA as professional nurses by the end of their training.

• WHTC’s students are given a chance to do their clinical practice in all regions at health facilities, local authorities and community settings. As part of the development, our students are attached to both public and private health facilities to give them a broader outlook in the health care provision in general.

Brief background of the head of the institute.

Rector Profile: Prof. Scholastika Ndatinda Iipinge

Scholastika Ndatinda Iipinge earned her D Cur Community Health Sciences in 2001 at Rand Afrikaanse University. She was a senior lecturer and Dean at the University of Namibia in the Nursing Department since from 2002 to 2012, convener of the Master’s in Public Health course, which started in 2003, and theme coordinator of Human Resources for Health in East and Southern Africa for Equinet. Dr Iipinge is a specialist in HIV/AIDS and has since 2006-12, been holding the position as coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Unit at UNAM. She has conducted various HIV/AIDS consultancies, as well as research in general.

She has done consultancy work for UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, and the Ministry of Health and Social Services/Global Fund. She has just completed a consultancy for the Walvis Bay Corridor Group where she assisted the group in developing the HIV/AIDS Information Kit for Truck Drivers in Namibia.

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She has also completed ‘An Evaluation in changes and trends in Sexual and Reproductive Health Policies in the SADC region’ in collaboration with the University of Helsinki.

Furthermore, Prof. Iipinge participated in the development of the National HIV/AIDS Policy and was part of the development of the MTP III document in 2003-4. In January 2009, she was nominated as technical person in the development of the National Counselling and HIV Testing Guidelines.

She is passionate about HIV and AIDS and poverty alleviation-related issues. Because of that she is the chair of the Education Sectoral Committee of the National Development Plan in Namibia. She is also a member of the Human Resources for Health Experts in the Afro Region/WHO, which was constituted in Dakar in 2008.

Board Member and Co-Founder Profile: Mrs Monika Pendukeni

A Human Resources Expert who served for 12 years as Chief of Human Capital, a former clinical educator at the University of Namibia and Ministry of Health and Social Services. Monika is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Welwitchia Health Training Centre. She is a dedicated and patriotic Namibian, who is also an academic par excellence. A holder of several qualifications, including a Bachelor’s degree in General Nursing, Midwifery, Community Health and Psychiatry, a Diploma in Mother and Child Healthcare, postgraduate Diploma in Community Health, a Diploma in Training and Personnel Management, a Diploma in Health and Social Change, postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and a Master’s degree in Public Health specialising in Human Resources for Health. She is also pursuing a PhD in Management and has set herself apart as a distinguished scholar.

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