Wernhil and Inges Kindergarten Partner in Christmas Wish list initiative

• By Martha Nangombe

WERNHIL Shopping Centre, a subsidiary of Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, and one of its educational partners, Inges Kindergarten, donated for the eighth consecutive year as part of the Wernhil Christmas Wish List initiative.

Inges Kindergarten was established in 2008 to satisfy a demand for early childhood development in the Mix Informal Settlement.

The organisation has 39 learners aged three to six and a small number of learners between the ages of seven and eight.

To create warmer classrooms ahead of the winter season, Wernhil showered the kindergarten with N$60 000, which included six 5litre cans of paint to decorate the exterior of the classrooms, as well as waterproofing, hole repair, and installing and replacing window glass in the kindergarten’s two classrooms.

Image Signs also provided a bright and colourful school sign which was installed as part of the donation.

Wernhil and Image Signs split the cost of the signage, which came to N$3309 in total.

Inges Kindergarten Head of Centre, Julia Bashir, thanked O&L and Wernhil for their generous donation and their impact on the community.