What are the benefits of exercise?

AS the holiday vibes are fast catching on, we find that many people are trying to get their beach bodies on too. This is laudable but it helps to be on this lifestyle necessity through the year.

Besides giving you that defined body of your dreams, exercise has many benefits to one’s body and mind. Below are just some of the main benefits of exercise:

1. It’s good for your cardiovascular system. Your heart will especially thank you for moving, even just a little bit, the heart loves to work. That’s what it was designed for. To work all its life.

2. It is good for your blood pressure. Young, old, black or white, going for some exercise helps level your blood pressure. You are likely to reduce high blood pressure with exercise.

3. Promotes weight loss. If you are overweight or are carrying some extra chunks of unwanted fat, you can combine your healthy eating plan with regular exercise and really see results. If you do not know how to go about exercise, consult us for your personalised programme.

4. Improves your mood. When you are faced with stressful moments, throwing in some exercise releases the happy hormones called endorphins. So next time you feel sad or angry, excuse yourself and do some exercise.

5. It helps you build stronger bones as well as a strong body. Even when one is size zero, if you want to build a strong structure, exercise can do that.

6. Exercise helps reduce the intensity of asthma. Experts also believe that it increases your lung capacity.

7. You look younger. Want to look ten years younger? Make it a habit to exercise.

8. It gives your body a nice shape. I mean, you are sexy already but when you tone those muscles you become a sexy beast. You can decide to tone your butt and legs or focus on the stomach or arms. You can actually design your body the way you want to with specific workouts.

9. It makes you more alert. It gives you brain power. Ever seen someone coming from a workout? The hype is fire. You are energised.

10. It gives you an easier pregnancy. Just make sure you have a green card from your healthcare provider. But as Dr Weber, would say, you are not sick, you are just pregnant so please do move.

11. If you are diabetic, it helps reduce your cholesterol levels and insulin requirements.

12. It helps when you are about to get a cold. And actually when you work out often, you tend to rarely get common colds. Your immune system strengthens.

13. It’s great for your sex life (wink, wink). Go for a run and don’t leave him or her behind.

14. It reduces insomnia. If you struggle with your sleeping patterns. You can eliminate this problem through exercise and an improved balance of meal intakes.

15. Exercise helps prevent or minimise the intensity of preventable chronic diseases. It gives you muscle strength, helps supply nutrients to your cells, and helps with your joints.

It is never too late to start exercising. If you are physically and mentally ready, join our fitness club. We have professional trainers who will help you with your exercise programme. Get your application today and join the movement.

Meke is a certified fitness instructor and runs Mekenificent Fitness for one-on-one or group workouts with professional trainers, as well as Mekenificent Healthy Café. Mekenificent teamed up with Yovitha Hangula to run a Spa with a mobile spa option with accredited massage therapists.

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