WhatsApp group furore stirs racism storm in Usakos

• By Hertta-Maria Amutenja

THE removal of two Swapo councillors and two residents from a community Whatsapp group, Usakosssers Staan Saam (USS) by an administrator who is of white ethnicity has flared up racism allegations at Usakos, Confidente can reveal.

Usakos deputy mayor Wilemiena Uupindi, councillor Irene Simeon-Kurtz both of Swapo and residents Cornelia September and Abraham Noabeb are amongst the black people that were recently ejected from the group.

Now, they are accusing the administrator and the white members of the group of being racist, biased and unfair toward the black people on the group.

“Those white people are racists.  The two admins on the group, I really do not know their names, but they are racist. These whites of Usakos, I don’t really know their names and don’t know who is who, I just know that this specific person is from Usakos,” said an aggrieved Uupindi.



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