Who speaks for the veterans?

RESPONSE to letter titled ‘Veterans of the Namibian liberation struggle worst-off than Covid-19’

The Namibian National Liberation Veterans Association (NNLVA) is the sole and authentic representative of the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle and their dependents. It was established within the ambit of the Veterans Act of 2008, section 44(1) to represent the interests of all veterans as defined in Section 1 of the Veterans Act.

The NNLVA leadership and its entire rank and file learnt with dismay of the letter from a certain Mr Emmanuel Pamwenase Hangula (Manunu) titled the ‘Veterans of the Namibian Liberation Struggle worst-off than the just now Covid-19’ circulated in social media, and addressed to the President of the Republic of Namibia, Dr Hage G. Geingob.

The NNLVA leadership and its rank and file distances itself from Mr Hangula’s letter, which he purportedly addressed to the Head of State on behalf of the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle. Our position is that he did so without sanction from the NNLVA and its leadership.

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He has acted in his individual capacity with his personal zeal, purpose and intention, which is not known to NNLVA and its leadership.

We confirm with no reservations that any communique produced by a certain individual or group of individuals with no authority from NNLVA should be condemned in its strongest terms. Thus, the NNLVA condemns such uncalled for letter addressed to the Head of State without our knowledge.

We are aware that our veterans have challenges of diverse nature, but advise our members to utilize the legitimate conduits when presenting these challenges for solution.

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There are official mechanisms in place, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is the national machinery for veterans’ matters, and NNLVA, which is the sole representative of all veterans. Hence, all issues pertaining to the veterans should be exhausted first at those levels before they are taken to the Head of State.

In the context of this, the NNLVA vehemently instructs Mr Hangula to immediately and publicly withdraw his letter, and follow the correct procedure and channels to express his dissatisfaction.
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The NNLVA finally sends a stem warning to Mr Hangula and his accomplices to discontinue writing such letters, calls, e-mails and short messages (SMS) and any other unwelcome form of verbal behaviour to national leaders.

The NNLVA leadership and all national liberation war veterans are stating it in clear terms that it is not in the genes of former PLAN fighters to show disrespect to the President of the Republic of Namibia and the entire national leadership. It is unacceptable to use threats and vulgar language against the national leaders, in particular the President of the Republic of Namibia and Commander in Chief of the Namibian Defence Force.

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The NNLVA urges all peace-loving Namibians to stand together in the fight against the pandemic (Covid-19) and encourages all Namibians to be united and love one another.
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(Rtd) Comm Ben Shikovelo Shikongo

NNLVA president