Why does the law not protect the sitting President?

By Martin (Bazooka) Nanyemba

d) Three key defenders of the President

The third line of defence is from the civil society including progressive anti-racists, anti-tribalists, patriotic individuals and institutions such as academics, churches and informed social media practitioners who do not have an interest in civil chaos, disturbances, tribalism, racism and white monopoly capitalism but in lasting peace, stability and progress.
They share the same notions of a just and corruption free society, an inclusive society as the President whom they elected, and thus they cannot permit anyone to demonise, dehumanise and agitate for the removal of the President, through undemocratic means. They need to stand their ground and inform those self-appointed freedom of expression abusers where to get off, and even take some of them on via civil lawsuits and in national debates.
It is noted that numerous brave citizens including Phil ya Nangolo, Chris Jacobie, and many others have taken it upon themselves to tirelessly defend the democratic ideals espoused by the President and the Constitution.
The issue of extending protection to the sitting President against freedom of expression abusers, is a cardinal question which the civil society, ruling party, legislative, the judiciary and the executive should seize upon, to safeguard democracy, peace and stability in the country and the dignity of the President, Swapo and the nation.
It seems that as the years have gone on, there may have been an erosion of revolutionary vigour and fervor amongst many cadres and functionaries. This weakness has been seized upon by anti-government forces, supported by their European masters, in an effort to nullify the political legitimacy of SWAPO and most importantly, the party President who is also the head of state. Are we truly going to stand by and allow a media driven coup d’état?
It seems we have not learnt the lessons from abroad.

We must be extremely weary of those people who feel that if they don’t like an individual or government, then they resort to seeking to forcefully overthrow that person or government. Such extremists, masquerading as democratic and revolutionary messiahs, are responsible for the perpetual morass, despair and death that has engulfed every aspect of life in countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria. Namibia should never be held hostage by rabid and bloodthirsty tribalists and racists.
Government leaders and the SWAPO party rank and file must wake up to this reality and push back against this diabolical onslaught. The time is right for us to revisit the gallant spirit of our indomitable founding fathers of the African struggle for independence.
As the Founding President of Ghana, Dr.

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Kwame Nkrumah said, “For my part, I must say that as long as I live, and as long as any little vestige of colonialism and imperialism remains in Africa, I shall prosecute a ruthless war on these monsters, a war in which there shall be no truce.

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Colonialism and imperialism have no honour, no shame, no morals and conscience.”
We are witnesses of that vestige of colonialism and imperialism in Africa that this great man spoke of. That vestige is being manifested by certain sections of the media and tribally motivated opponents.

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There is no honour in their actions, no shame, no morals and conscience. There is no length they won’t go to try and denigrate and delegitimise our democratically elected head of state.
Therefore, let us not slumber in the stupor of affluence but wake up to this reality and ensure that we prosecute a ruthless war on these elements in defence of President Hage Geingob.