Windhoek, Uutoni politicising our grievances: Gariseb

• By Andre Tino

KATUTURA Residents Committee Spokesperson Shawn Gariseb has expresses dissatisfaction with Urban and Rural Development Minister Erastus Uutoni’s response to their petition requesting that the City of Windhoek (CoW) waive off debts and implement prepaid water and electricity meters.

Gariseb said Uutoni should have done more to deal with their petition rather than referring them back to the City of Windhoek, which he said is arrogant in dealing with their case.

He stated that the committee believes the City of Windhoek is disobeying the minister’s directive for dialogue and is politicising its issues.

Uutoni, upon receiving the committee’s petition on September 6, advised them to apply continued patience and understanding to allow the Municipal Council reasonable time to look into issues raised in the petition effectively.

“As such, I am hereby advising both the Committee and the Office of the Mayor to engage on a reasonable time for engagement,” Uutoni said.

However, Gariseb said the committee feels the City of Windhoek is ignoring the minister’s directive and is making it difficult for them to engage.

He said Uutoni could have done more and pointed out the committee was unhappy with the minister’s casual response.

Katutura residents, according to Gariseb, seek honest solutions to their concerns rather than political rhetoric.

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