Windhoekers find innovative ways to get booze

By Maria Hamutenya

DESPITE the current ban on the sale and possession of alcohol, most arrests during the lockdown have thus far been alcohol-related.

Head of City Police Abraham Kanime on Tuesday said that members of the public are finding innovative ways to sell and transport alcohol from one area to another. “You will find someone carrying a suitcase or a tool box but the case is just full of alcohol.  If these people did this [kind of innovation] on economic development, the country will be better off,” Kanime quipped.

He said 23 people were arrested for being in possession of alcohol while 63 cases related to Covid-19 have been registered by the local police. Kanime noted though that reported incidents of housebreaking, robbery, rape and murder have severely decreased during the lockdown but warned the public to be careful of people who are trying to commit theft under false pretence.

“These people come to different houses under false pretence of being from the municipality and thus stealing household belongings.  Be vigilant and don’t let strangers in your homes.” Kanime further highlighted that more thieves are targeting businesses that sell alcohol due to the closure of certain bars.

The City Police had to change from the traditional approach to community policing to educate and create awareness. He said this is to help the community understand the nature of the virus and the measures put in place to curb the spread. “We are trying our best to transform our officers to act more professional with the community and improve the relationship between one another.”

Kanime also highlighted the challenges the City Police faced in regard to taxi drivers’ compliance with the lockdown measures. He further said they were in regular consultation with the Health Ministry to convey daily updates. Seventeen radio stations and 10 vehicles with speakers will be used to spread Covid-19 information throughout the city.