Witbooi vows to regain South for Swapo….. Lucia prepared for the Deputy SG task

• By Vitalio Angula

AMONGST the names that permeate throughout Namibian history, with its genesis in the War of National Resistance, and the subsequent Liberation struggle that freed Namibia from the shackles of apartheid colonisation, the Witbooi clan has become synonymous with the Namibian bodi-politic.

Swapo parliamentarian Lucia Witbooi has vowed to unite and regain the South to the Swapo Party when she successfully takes over as Deputy Secretary General.

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For Confidente newspaper, the candidature of Lucia Witbooi as Deputy Secretary General of the SWAPO Party at the much-awaited 7th Elective Congress slated for November draws much interest.

Her competitors for this much coveted position, the fourth highest in the party, are Eveline Nawases-Taeyele and Dawid Hamutenya.

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“I was born a Witbooi from both my maternal and paternal lineage and I married a Witbooi, Lucia Witbooi proudly expresses to Confidente as the publication engages her in a one-on-one interview at a Windhoek Cafe on her candidature, family background, hopes and aspirations for the people of Namibia and her work as parliamentarian and Former Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare.

“My decision to stand was informed by the contribution I have made towards the SWAPO Party as a trusted and tested cadre.

I have risen through the ranks out of sheer will and determination and I have always done my part whenever I was called to serve. Whether it is within my own region as a native of the Kharas or as an assigned SWAPO leader to the Ohangwena region in northern Namibia, I have never shied away from duty.

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Even though the calling of Deputy SG is an enormous task I believe I have been prepared and molded over the years to assume this task,” Witbooi told Confidente.

“As one of the first intakes of the SWAPO Party school under the tutelage of the Late Marco Hausiku, I am widely versed and well-informed of the SWAPO Party political program and the organisations’ philosophy.

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Off course, I will be filling a large void that has been left with the untimely passing of the Late Hausiku, but my Late Uncle Hendrik Witbooi had prepared us well in assuming any task assigned to us, he was my mentor in every sphere of life and my guiding force throughout my political career and today I am proud to have been groomed by a strong and visionary leader such as him,” Witbooi informed Confidente.

The Former Vice-President of SWAPO, Hendrik Witbooi was the Seventh Kaptein of the |Khowese Clan, he brought with him many clans of the great Namaqua into the liberation organisation.