With Love, from Mexico

…Rowan Summers’ releases two new singles

MEXICO-based Namibian heartthrob Rowan Summers has just dropped two singles as part of his collaboration with Argentinian musician Manu Pereyra. The two have come together in a band called Love, producing two singles that precede an album that will be released soon.

After making a name for himself in the fashion industry by working with some of the biggest names in South America, Summers decided to venture into music. “Music has always been my passion ever since I was a kid, not a day goes by without me listening to music, writing music or singing.

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To be honest, I would say that music is my life,” he says.

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While he has been making a living as a model and an actor based in Mexico, Summers finally took the plunge and built up the courage to book a studio session, recorded a song and the rest, as they say, is history.

‘Tu Amante’ dropped late last year on 20 December, while ‘What Love is’ dropped on 17 January 2020.

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Both singles were produced and written by both Summers and Pereyra, while Pereyra was behind most of the technical part of the production since he is also a composer. Their third single, ‘Acá tu mamá’, will be ready in time for Valentine’s Day, dropping on 14 February on both Spotify and YouTube.

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“Fans can definitely expect an album in the near future but right now we are taking a different approach as guided by Spotify and Awal, where we are going to release one or two singles per month of different genres to see exactly what our sound is and once we have a clear idea of that, we will then put our focus on producing an album that we both like and that will connect with our fans,” says Summers of the duo’s music release plan.

Summers, who is currently based in Mexico City, has evolved into a multifaceted artist who works as a model, actor, singer, and songwriter. He currently spends his days modeling, acting, singing or songwriting. “I’m devoting more of my time to music as I am very new to the industry and still have so much to learn,” he says.