Woman on the run after pointing gun at boyfriend

• By Uaueza Kanguatjivi 

OKAHANDJA Police are hunting for a woman who went on the run after pointing a gun at her boyfriend before fleeing with their keys to the house, car, and home shop.

According to the police, the incident happened on June 30, and they are fiercely looking for the woman.

The woman’s identity is being kept a secret from the general public as the matter is still under investigation.

In an interview with Confidente, the man, whose name is also concealed to prevent victimisation, revealed that heated disputes and tantrums had characterised their romantic relationship.

He said their disputes became intense in June.

“On June 15, we had a dispute over my business trip to South Africa. She became irritated and lost composure to the point of punching a coffin at one of my businesses. Before she went on the run, she had been missing from home for days, and when she came back, I scheduled a meeting with her and social workers from the Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare. To my surprise, she told the social workers that the problem was that I opened a store when she wanted to focus on her education.

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