Women play a vital role in agribusiness: Iipumbu

• By Confidente Reporter

Industrialistion and trade minister Lucia Ipumbu has emphasised the important role women play in agriculture, which she believes can alter rural areas and the entire nation’s economy.
Ipumbu highlighted this at a recent women and agriculture summit, held under the theme, ‘Leveraging technology and innovation to unlock the potential of agriculture and value addition.

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The summit, organised by Paulina Mbango with partners Namfarmers, Nafsan, and Energy100, brought together over 200 agricultural stakeholders, experts, and leaders to discuss critical concerns and pave the way for a more fair and sustainable farming future.
The summit’s key focal topics were advocating for women’s land rights, promoting financial inclusion, embracing technology and innovation, improving market access, and investing in education and capacity-building initiatives.
While women have been the backbone of the agricultural industry, particularly in subsistence farming, iipumbu said it is critical that they also participate in commercialised agricultural activities to generate revenue.
“Food security is more than just having enough food for the population. It’s about ensuring everyone has access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food and that no one goes hungry,” she said.
The minister also highlighted current challenges to the agricultural industry, such as climate change, irregular weather patterns, and drought, have damaged productivity and raised farmer vulnerability.

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