Women used to commit crime – Kanime

By Maria Kandjungu

CITY Police chief Abraham Kanime has said that more and more females are being used to con people out of their hard-earned money, as the city recorded an increase in theft under false pretences.

According to Kanime, while violent and property-related crime have all gone down in the capital since January, theft under false pretences went up by six percent.
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“We have seen that women are mostly the ones used to approach people while the males hide in background.

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They usually target people in a desperate situation and those with cash, especially those going into retirement,” he stated, adding that most con-artists falsely pretend to be selling property, including land.

“I am also now one of the targets. I have gotten so many calls over the last weeks of people wanting to sell me properties and they would give you all sort of reasons and excuses why you should pay them a certain amount before even signing a deed of transfer,” he said.

Kanime added that robbery by people using the approach that, “I am selling diamonds with my Angolan friend” continues to persist. “The problem is Namibians want to get rich fast… people will easily draw you into the fake business because you desperately want to get rich.”

The City Police boss also noted a decrease in violence, gender-based violence assaults, murder, and attempted murder, which declined, saying that this was the first time in recent history that the City had such crime rates.

Statistics provided to Confidente showed that Windhoek recorded seven murders, 17 attempted murders and 582 gender-based violence’s cases between January and 3 May, showing a major decrease compared to the same period in 2019 when the city recorded 13 murders, 24 attempted murders and 720 gender-based violence crimes.

“Most assaults are alcohol-related or involve alcohol, so the ban on alcohol could be attributed to this decrease.”

Furthermore, 788 house break-ins were reported over the said period, compared to close to 1,000 reported the year before. Theft and theft out of motor vehicles also went down by 19 percent, but business break-ins decreased by only one percent and were still high.

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“This could be because most businesses were closed during the lockdown but also because most businesses, even with alarm systems, security guards and surveillance cameras,” are not monitored round the clock.

“So you find that people break in and steal the hard drive that has footage. When we go to the alarm company they say they drove to the property after the alert call but found nothing so you don’t know who is playing who.”

He added that the lack of resources and vehicles hampers their ability to do ful patrols but they are working hard to ensure safety in the city.

“We don’t see issues as challenges, we work hard even if we are crawling.

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We do it well and hard. I would advise people to take issues of security serious, to be vigilant and watch out for this street business to protect themselves,” adding that companies should reach out to the City Police to assist in installing cameras that are connected to the police’s monitoring system to better protect their businesses.

“We have skills and can help you with tricks on how you can protect your business with these cameras because sometimes these are inside jobs and if you have us as well connected to your cameras we can have footage.

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Kanime further called on people to protect themselves and stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, saying the lifting of lockdown restrictions should not mean that residents should be careless.