Workers find foetus flushed down Mondesa drain

By Confidente Reporter

POLICE in the Erongo region opened a case of concealment of birth after the lifeless remains of a underdeveloped foetus was found. According to initial police reports: “It is alleged that on Friday, an unknown suspect terminated the pregnancy and dumped or flushed the foetus down the drain at Augustine Garoeb street, Mondesa.

The police said the foetal body was discovered by municipal workers who were working in the area at about 10h00 the same day. The foetus is estimated to be around 4 months but the gender could not be immediately established. “No arrest made yet. Investigation by GBVPSD continues,” they said briefly.

The news comes as two more infants lost their lives in the Erongo region under questionable circumstances over the past month. At Omaruru, an eight-month-old baby girl named Suuko Hindjou reportedly suffocated to death when she was found lifeless between her parents, who have since been arrested as the main suspects in a case of culpable homicide.

The police said that “Prior to the discovery, the neighbours allegedly observed the suspects heavily under the influence of alcohol, drinking around the location, while the mother was carrying the [baby] not in good condition and they notified the police.”

In another case of baby dumping and apparent infanticide reported at Swakopmund over the past two weeks, the police said a woman who gave birth to a fully formed baby girl had “dumped the baby in a dustbin” along Ondjamba Street in the DRC suburb last month.

The lifeless infant was discovered in the dustbin by children in the area, who were playing in the vicinity later that same day. The children reported the gruesome finding to their elders in the area, who in turn notified the police.

No one has been arrested in connection with that finding.

Late in November 2018, a newborn baby was found by a taxi driver at Swakopmund abandoned but alive and wrapped in a blanket next to a dustbin.

It was the sixth case of a newborn infant abandoned at the two main coastal towns in 2018.