Worry About Your Sins, God Won’t Ask You Mine: A guide to self-reflection

■ By Martha Nangombe

LEA Matheus’ newly published book, Worry About Your Sins, God Won’t Ask You Mine,’ delves deep into understanding the truth and guides a more compassionate, empathic, and honestly moral existence.

The books, based on a complex web of human judgments and self-righteousness, serve as a beacon of introspection, prompting readers to peel back the layers of their convictions and confront the blatant hypocrisy that frequently hides behind the surface of piety.

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In an interview with Confidente, Matheus discussed the book’s inspiration and the influence she hopes it will have on people.

“As the author of this soul-searching odyssey, I set out to expose the intricate dance of judgment and redemption in the theatre of human existence.

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I investigate the dilemma of teaching morality while casually ignoring our sins. It’s a cry to arms against selective morality, which allows us to cast stones while ignoring the glass walls that encircle us all.

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The novel draws inspiration from real-life incidents, reveals the frailty of our moral high ground, and invites readers to consider the true nature of their flaws.