Worst, awkward and best moments of 2020

By Rosalia David

IT is difficult not to get bogged down by the deluge of bad or weird news about the Namibian show business, but there are also those few moments that have been undeniably over-the-top that they had us stunned for different reasons.

We are talking about entertainers that gave us joyful and not-so-good moments of the year, a few flashes we will remember forever while some, we can’t wait to forget.

‘Balance’ hit maker Sunny Boy is on the top of our list. The artist who has been in a long-term relationship with his baby mamma Nelaolange Iyambo and later fiancée found himself implicated in a cheating scandal after messages involving nudes between him and his supposed concubine were leaked to different WhatsApp groups.

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The wedding was later called off and a few weeks after his cheating scandal, he became the talk of the town again after finding himself on the wrong side of the law when the police gate crashed his show at a local club and arrested him for breaking Covid-19 regulations.

Award winning musician Top Cheri alongside other personalities such as Jossy Joss, Helvi and many others also found themselves behind bars after being arrested at the Sunny Boy show which had more than 200 people during the time when only 50 people were allowed for public gatherings.

The tea spilled everywhere on social media and it was the only topic on everybody’s lips for days on end. Imagine more than seven celebrities in a holding cell!

Musician Tate Buti initiated the ‘Visible Talent’ show which allowed Namibian creatives to showcase their abilities and promised lucrative prizes ranging from N$10 000 to N$50 000, well, even after several media reports on winners demanding for their prize monies, the musician blamed it all on Covid-19. How do we trust you next year Tate Buti?

We have also not forgotten how he announced at the beginning of the year that he was quitting music but only to go and release an album in November.

Remember when the turntable king DJ Kboz said he was moving back to his home country Kenya on social media, saying that business-wise, there is very little that Namibia has to offer for him? Well, perhaps that was a sign that his marriage with Sally Boss Madam was facing a down turn.

Early this year, Unwrap Online reported on a very strong rumour and speculation that there probably was trouble in the paradise of the award-winning celebrity couple and they denied the buzz.

In October, Sally finally decided to let the cat out of the bag and announced on her social media platforms that, ‘After many months of striving to make our marriage work, I am pained to announce that KBoz and I have decided to end our union.

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By no means was this an easy decision to make.

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Just before the year could actually end, popular former couple Emmanuel Adebayor and Dillish Mathews were at each other’s throats all over social media after Adebayor allegedly started sub-tweeting and throwing shade at the ‘real life princess’.

According to sources, Adebayor allegedly found out some shady cheating stories about Mathews after they broke up and decided to start firing shots on Twitter without mentioning her name, too bad the whole world knew who he was referring to.

Now that we have highlighted some of the moments that kept people talking, here are some of the exciting moments that shattered the lockdown and pandemic.

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DJ Spuzza who started his music journey as a house DJ and later released ‘Soek Soek’ managed to bag a classic verse from South African rapper AKA and also got signed under a growing record label named RTE Records.

As much as the year did not go well as planned for many, we cannot shy away from the accomplishment Namibia made having the local film ‘Baxu and the Giants’ feature on the  international streaming platform Netflix.

On 30 September ‘Baxu and the Giants’ which made history as it became the first local film to be screened on Netflix, is a 2019 Namibian bilingual drama short film on rhino poaching.

Meanwhile, the biggest award ceremony in the country the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) also transformed a few musicians’ lives after giving away prize money to deserving artists who won during its finale edition.

One musician whose life is likely not to be the same ever again after scooping the biggest awards at the event is budding songstress Rose Blvck while Gazza was recognised as the ‘Artist of the decade.’

In June, MTC announced that the Windhoek Fashion Week that is now known as the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week would receive an investment of N$3.6 million to help them turn the event into the best organised in Africa and take fashion in Namibia to a whole new level.

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Fashion week eventually took place and was a major success, something that people needed as therapy through the pandemic.

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The Katutura Fashion week also took place digitally including the MTC Knockout Project which aimed at addressing homelessness in the country and it was a blast.