Wrapping up 2019: my top performers, and one last proposal

Michael Uugwanga

WE’ve come to the end of the year and this is also our last edition until 2020, so I would firstly like to thank my few fans for having taken the time to read my column and sport pages week in and week out.

I have several sport performances that really caught my eye this year and one highlight in particular, was of long distance runner Helalia Johannes, who has been so impressive this season. What more can you say about this queen who just seems to be getting better with age? At 39, nobody really gave her a chance to be where she is today.
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Perhaps her success is down to her humble and kind character, as she has ever been since I first got to know her in 2008.

Another athlete that few commentators seem to talk enough about is young Delano Müller, who is already Featherweight world champion, a title he won this year in Atlanta, U.S.A. The kid seems to have kickboxing in his DNA and the future really looks bright for him. I would not be surprised if one day Hollywood or Chinese directors approach him to feature in martial arts movies and cause him to become a superstar.
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The Desert Jewelz also had an unforgettable year, following their impressive M1 Netball Nations Cup win in Singapore, an achievement that nobody in Namibia gave them a chance to win, and I was one of those that doubted the team after it had a difficult 2018 when the side failed to qualify for the 2019 Netball World Cup.

I am somehow disappointed by Netball Namibia for showing little interest or no interest at all for a parade in Windhoek or in any part of the country to show off the effort it has made this year as far as improving netball is concerned, unlike our Welwitschias team that staged a huge parade in 2010 when it won the International Rugby Board (IRB) Nations Cup in Romania.

The Desert Jewelz really did us proud and therefore I urge Netball Namibia in the near future to consider arranging a parade for whatever achievement our girls achieve abroad, regardless of the competition, because a trophy is a trophy – no matter how small or big.

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To end off my column for the year 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to urge the Namibia Sport Awards organisers to change the date of the awards to November or early December.

When it comes to awards of this nature, athletes need to be awarded based on the achievements in the same year the award is being held and not based on past achievements.

I salute you on making it through another testing year and wish you all the best for a sporting New Year! Enjoy your festive season and hope to see you again in 2020.

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