Ya Nangoloh angers opposition

By Jeremiah Ndjoze

WHILE Namibian opposition parties are setting themselves up as alternative governments to the current administration, human rights activist and ‘de facto’ member of the ruling Swapo party, Phil ya Nangoloh has it that Swapo should be allowed to rule – with consent from the political minorities.
This, he says, is because Swapo has the support of the majority in a political landscape that is riddled by parties that are built on ethnic groupings.

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“Swapo is the only guarantor of stability and if it goes away the whole country is doomed,” Ya Nangoloh, who recently fortified his ties to his ‘political home’ said.

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Ya Nangoloh made the utterances in an exclusive interview with this newspaper last week.

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For full story read this week’s edition.

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